Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Braces Alternative Offered by Las Vegas Dentist


When considering the options for straightening teeth, braces are used most of the time. However, many patients dislike these metal braces due to their bulky and unsightly appearance, and the general discomfort associated with the treatment. To help individuals who want to correct misalignment without using braces, Las Vegas dentists offer Invisalign as an alternative. This orthodontic treatment improves on the aspects that make braces unlikable and provides a more efficient and effective treatment. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that is available as an alternative to braces. This method is ideal for addressing minor to moderate misalignment. The Invisalign system makes use of a series of transparent plastic aligner trays. These trays must be worn for around 20-22 hours a day. From the numbered trays that are given to the patient at the start of the treatment, each pair should be worn for a period two weeks. Following the two weeks, the patient moves to the successive pair of aligners. 

How is Invisalign a better option than braces?

One of the main aspects that have many people using Invisalign over braces is because it is a discreet option of correcting misalignment. Braces are bulky and easily noticeable, whereas Invisalign is compact and made of high-quality, transparent plastic, which makes the aligners virtually invisible to others. Another benefit of Invisalign is that the treatment is comfortable compared to braces. With computer-aided treatment planning, the aligners will only apply slight pressure to gradually move the teeth. This slight pressure will help achieve the desired result with much less discomfort. In addition, the Invisalign aligners can be removed when required, compared to the fixed braces. When the patient needs to brush and floss, or have a meal, they can simply remove the aligners for convenience.

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